This multi functional product for physiotherapy can be used for multiple exercises. In the first place it is a balance board, which is a product that is used a lot in physiotherapy. If one or more of the rings are placed under the board, it can´t go down as far so it will make the exercise easier. Another option is to put the mat under the board. This will also make the exercise a little easier because the balance board is a little more secure this way.

By putting all the rings on top of each other with the balance board on top, it can be used for stepping exercises. The board is now resting on the rings and can´t move anymore.

The three smallest rings are made out of metal and can also be used as weights. The two larger ones are made from wood. If they are all placed on top of each other it is easy to move everything at once. This product is also great for saving space because it combines so many products in a very compact way.



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